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The ghosts you draw on my back

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The ghosts you draw on my back
Hello there! ★

This LJ is mostly used for fanfiction, meme and fandom talk with some recs now and then. There's some few entrys that are friends locked (usually me rambling about boring things), but the majority is public. I have no problem with adding people, so feel free to do so if something here catches your interest; I'll most likely friend you back (unless I have no idea of why you're doing so).

About 99% of my entrys are in portuguese because I'm too lazy to think about translations. Procastination is well known as my middle name.

In general things about me: I'm brazilian, over 18 and I like BL. So if this is a problem to you, I'd suggest to not read my LJ at all. Now if this isn't a problem to you, welcome!
ai yazawa, alcohol, alucard/integra, angst, anime, art, austin scarlet, beer, being evil, bob dylan, bonsai, books, buck-tick, carlos drummond de andrade, cats, charles baudelaire, chi's sweet home, clamp, clarice lispector, classical movies, classical music, coffee, comedy, dancing with myself, deadman wonderland, death note, dogs, dolls, dorama, doujinshi, eels, ego-wrappin', esotsm, eureka seven, fanarts, fanfiction, fangirling, fernando pessoa, fics, fluffy things, fma, francis ford coppola, françoise hardy, fruits basket, george orwell, goodbye lenin, greta garbo, hellsing, hetero, hijioki, himym, hiromu arakawa, horitsuba, ice skaters, ichinose takumi, icons, inspiration, internet, jack lemmon, janto, japanese, japanese culture, jim jarmusch, jmusic, johnny depp, johnny's entertainment, jorge furtado, josei, juliet, jun/nao, kataoka jinsei, kazuma kondou, kimi wa pet, kiyoharu/kuroyume/sads, kurofai, languages, lewis carroll, linus, literature, manga, manuel puig, marlon brando, metaphors, milan kundera, mochi, mood themes, movies, moyashimon, mp3, mugen/fuu, music, mxn, naked ape, neji/tenten, neon genesis evangelion, nobuta wo produce, olivier milla armstrong, paul verlaine, peanuts, pedro almodovar, piercings, poetry, procrastination, project runway, quotes, reading, road trips, rome, saiyuki, samurai champloo, sarcasm, sayonara zetsubou sensei, scanlations, seinen, sex on the beach, sexual tension, shigeru/sakurako, shinichiro watanabe, shinsengumi, shoujo, shounen, sixties music, skipping class, slash, sleeping, some like it hot, souji okita, sparrossa, spiders, sumire iwaya, takeshi obata, tattoos, tennis, the big bang theory, the great pumpkin, the thorn birds, the white stripes, torchwood, tsubasa, tv shows, wasting time, who framed roger rabbit, wine, writing, yann tiersen, yaoi, yayoi ogawa, yoshitoshi abe, yuri,